01-12-19 Second Saturday, January01-21-19 MLK Community Day02-09-19 Second Saturday, February02-21-19 Sean Scully Landline Opening02-24-19 Sunday Serenades03-09-19 Second Saturday03-11-19 Artist Talk with Sean Scully04-08-19 Lecture by Kathleen Foster04-13-19 April Second Saturday04-15-19 Lecture by Andrea Fraser05-07-19 Evening for Educators05-11-19 May Second Saturday06-08-19 June Second Saturday06-14-19 Juneteenth06-21-19 Be Seen Opening Reception07-17/24-19 Wadsworth Staff Portraits09-28-19 Celebrate the Wadsworth10-12-19 Second Saturday10-18-19 Salon & Member Opening for Afrocosmology11-06-19 Afrocosmology Panel11-09-19 Second Saturday12-14-19 Second Saturday