07/29/15 Mas Camp08/27/15 West Indian Carnival Opening11/05/15 Links of Farmington12/03/15 Downtown Abbey04/29/16 Fox Exhibit05-23-16 Growing up in CT08-18-16 West Inidan Carnival Opening10-05-16 Smithsonian Affiliation10-13-16 Sole of CTNew Gallery11-10-16 Innovation Opening Reception01-19-17 Connecticut DancesDAC Finnish & Furniture Exhibits04-27-17 CHS Amer School for the Deaf Exhibit04-27-17 Staff Portraits05-22-17 CHS Annual Meeting04-27-17 Staff Portrait Edits08-23-17 CHS Mas Camp Photos10-12-17 "Visions/Revisions" Exhibition Reception11-09-17 "That's Weird" Opening Reception